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About InnoBiopharm

Maximizing your drug development with AI database

InnoBiopharm Limited was founded in 2016 with aspiration of improving research and development of important new medicine.  There are many diseases with patients of unmet medical need still wanting novel medicine for their treatment, including cancer, immune related diseases, and patients with aging related diseases. Every day, we dedicated ourselves in boosting drug development and making a better world. Looking for tools to improve efficacy and reducing adverse event of new drug entity has become our important task. 

InnoBiopharm Limited has developed TISTA with Professor Geen-Dong Chang of National Taiwan University. Through TISTA, we are able to identify innovative targets and discover new indications and new patients set who can benefit from the existing approved drugs or drug candidates under development. TISTA will be sure to fill the need of current drug development and reduce clinical development risk of new drugs.

InnoBiopharm Limited also developed platform tools for novel selection of antibody hits, antibody leads and antibody candidates. Compared to polyclonal antibodies from host, our AB VIVA antibodies are human, have desirable clinical candidate characteristics, carries better manufacturing criteria, and can be designed to have important clinical features.

At InnoBiopharm Limited, we work to give better life for mankind. We believe TISTA and AB VIVA can guide us to find potential drugs and antibodies, and bring hope to suffering patients.