We are dedicated to fight with YOU!! COVID-19 Resources from InnoBiopharm.

COVID-19 is terrible

We are dedicated to fight with YOU!!!

The closest rapid screening test product to PCR.

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A detection kit to rapidly detect and promptly isolate people infected with the virus,

Rapid LFIA detection of viral protein

Rapid inflammation indicator detection

A better shield and protective device to prevent further spread of the virus,

Mask with better protection

Air filter with viral particle protection

Developing a set of better biologics and small molecules to shield against viral infection,

Neutralizing antibodies from
our Ab Viva platform

Irreversible small molecule viral protein modulators from TISTA

At InnoBiopharm, we are working very hard in these fields to come up with better tools against this terrible viral disease.  Please stay tuned and check back periodically for further exciting new development.  For further information, please contact info@innobiopharm.com