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What is TISTA?

Exploring new targets for drug development

What is TISTA?
TISTA is a powerful tool to explore next generation breakthrough drugs to change human life. Whether it is for identifying impactful targets, fine-tuning disruptive therapies, or speeding your clinical trials, TISTA is your ultimate solution.

TISTA generates antiserum against covalent bound small molecule (SM) compound in a specific way. TISTA antiserum recognizes and binds to novel targets SM, which re-defines new drug development. If you want to make your therapeutic drugs more special than others, TISTA is the last one you will miss.

TISTA makes great impact on drug design. Many important drugs or targets, such as EGFR, HER2, BTK, and PARP, are restricted to its similar molecule structures or references from its subfamily. To understand the potential drugs for specific targets and efficient efficacies of therapies well, it is the best choice to use TISTA to meet your goals.

Furthermore, combination of AI database with TISTA can facilitate future breakthrough in drug discovery and development. Also, TISTA products are used to generate critical information in biomarker and pharmacology studies. If you work on SM new drug development, TISTA is your ultimate solution to position and win competition.