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What can TISTA do?

Discovering novel and specific drug targets


Expend market of marketed drugs
There are a lot of pharmaceutical companies competing against each other for market share. Many cancer patients have different responses such as side effects to the same therapeutic drugs. Exception of individual difference, it reflects that patients treated with those therapeutic drugs do not the most potential ones for the drugs. TISTA can help to find the most potential groups of patients for you to explore market share.


Facilitate clinical development of important drug candidates

It costs a lot of money and spends a long time for drug development. TISTA can precisely provide a better way as short cut for drug discovery. Preventing some unnecessary experiments can boost clinical development and spend less.


Select better drug candidates

Selecting the most potential one among many drug candidates is a big question for researchers. However, it will become easy with the help of TISTA. In addition to targeting specificity, TISTA also tell you what special your drugs are to get better drug candidates.


Improve R&D drug selection

TISTA is the platform for selection of novel targets. Unlike recent concepts for drug selection, TISTA are not restricted to drug structure and show no off-target. Therefore, you can have the best designs on drug selections through TISTA.